Yoga Gap
Yoga is for everyone regardless of age, gender, shape and size. Men, women, kids, and seniors, mothers-to-be and new mums will all benefit from regular yoga practice. Your first step onto the yoga mat
Get Yoga With Natalie Gerrard
I have been practicing yoga for 15 years. I initially attended one class a week, then later two, as a means to unwind - I was working full time whilst studying to become a lawyer (it was hard work!).
YogaMindSpace has been running yoga classes in Hitchin Hertfordshire for over ten years, and ClubYoga in Hitchin for over three years now! Our main teacher; Sarah, started teaching Yoga in North Herts
Yoga Seed
Despite what you may think, yoga is not all about being able to tie yourself into back bending knots (not at first anyway.!) and meditation is not just about sitting for forever with your eyes closed.
Re-Vitalise Tai Chi
We have taken over 800 people through our retreats and many come back time and again. We find venues that havebuilt-in calm and tranquility and aim to convey the fundamentals of the arts we teach In a
Susan Hill Iyengar Yoga
I have been practising Iyengar Yoga for over 30 years and am a full-time teacher, taking classes for all abilities. I teach a wide range of people, men and women, of all ages. I was awarded an
Yoga Swaha
I'm Olena Sawal, a Canadian and long-term UK resident. My interest in wellbeing and spirituality stretches back to childhood and it was in nature that I felt most at home. I began to experiment with
Karmic Living
Karmic Living is run by Yoga Teacher and Creative Coach, Caroline Wilson based in Welwyn Garden City. Caroline has trained with the Yoga for Health Foundation, Future Fit Training and the YMCA.
Kundalini Yoga
Set up in 2000 by Guru Ram Kaur this private centre is dedicated to healing at all levels, consistent with the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga. In addition to weekly Kundalini Yoga
Iyengar Yoga Classes
Steve teaches Iyengar yoga classes in Hertfordshire in St Albans and Harpenden for those who are new to yoga, yoga beginners and experienced yoga students. He aims to inspire students to excel in