Yoga Alliance certified teacher working in Canton, Cardiff. Amanda fell in love with Yoga in 2005. She found the practice to be a powerful means to build physical, spiritual and emotional strength.
Yoga Classes Cardiff
Yoga has touched my life so profoundly; it's a way of life and a therapeutic support mentally and physically that I want to share. There is nobody I know who wouldn't benefit from being more present,
General Hatha Yoga
I'm glad that you are thinking of starting a Yoga practice. Whether or not you will come to my class, I sincerely hope that you will find some useful information on this site, along with a suitable
Rogue Yoga Studio
Mysore Style: all levels of experience and ability are welcome to Mysore Style and we highly recommend this option to beginners. The teacher will guide students individually through the postures
Mary Madhavi
Mary's morning Yoga classes offer an opportunity to get your day off to a good start by energizing your body and calming your mind. Mary's evening Yoga classes offer the perfect opportunity to let go,
Yoga Fever
We're - Yogafever Cardiff Ltd - teaching hot yoga classes and courses from our small purpose built hot-yoga studio in the Splott part of Cardiff. Our studio can hold up to 14 students in each class.
Warrior Yoga Cardiff
Having 'nothing better to do' one evening, Al accompanied his wife Julie to his very first Yoga class, and from that time on nothing was quite the same again. He completed teacher training with
Yoga With Louise
I have often heard friends say they'd like to start yoga but for various reasons they didn't quite get round to it. So I had the idea of an online resource where you can find all the classes in your
Rayoga Power Yoga Class
Ray has been teaching power yoga in Cardiff since 2003. Taking inspiration from the numerous workshops and courses he has attended both in the U.K and Europe, Ray has developed a practice that is both
Oxana Weber
Coping with the responsibilities and stresses that come with a 9-5 work-environment can grind down both our mental and physical health. Discover ways to look after your wellbeing using the ancient