Balance Yoga Coventry
Respect for yourself and others, developing self awareness, management of emotions and finding a way to deal with the pressures of modern life are all things that young children should be learning in
Sattva Hatha Yoga
The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj which can be translated into English as "to unite, to join or to connect". The unity comes when the mind and body work as one. The word Hatha is composed
vinYoga @ Dynamix Studio
In provision of yoga Coventry is continuously growing and evolving, in various forms, through many different methods. Like in most western countries, most studios, yoga schools and classes are almost
Instinct Yoga
I came to Yoga as a man in his 40's trying to keep fit, hold down a job and look after a family. The idea of the Yoga was to try to help combat my stiffness and lack of flexibility and to help me
Iyengar Yoga Coventry
I had studied with different teachers from other forms of yoga for nine years, moving from one to another. Finding Iyengar yoga in 1996 was a revelation. I quickly realised that Iyengar yoga would
Kashmir Yoga With Sue
Yoga has long been recognised as an excellent form of exercise. This style of yoga is based around the ancient tradition of Kashmir encompassing each of us as unique beings. An empowering and fun way
Open Yogi
I am a Yoga Alliance certified teacher, specialising in Hatha yoga. I have a real passion for making people feel happy, calm and ready to face the stress of daily life. My aim is to guide my students
Coventry Pilates Studio
Our Yoga staff and Pilates teachers are inspiring and talented, the atmosphere is relaxed & friendly and the mood is playful. Our doors are wide open for everybody to experience the wonderful benefits
City Yoga
City Yoga is a non-profit purpose-built studio, tucked away from the bustle of Coventry, on Binley Industrial Estate. We offer a variety of yoga, meditation and fitness classes, suitable for all
Esteem Mindfulness
Empowering children aged 5-10 years old teens aged 11+ to gain resilience, self-esteem and remain calm through Mindfulness and yoga. During the session we make our bodies strong and flexible through