Joy Yoga Therapy By Elena
I teach yoga classes in three different locations around Milton Keynes. What makes my classes special is that I always demonstrate, explain postures and observe the class participants at the same
Whitespace Yoga
We believe that when you walk into a Yoga studio, there should be a heartbeat, a personality and a vibe. So we created a place that feels welcoming and like a second home. With a friendly atmosphere,
Yoga Lily
The traditional practice of Hatha Yoga is holistic in nature; meaning, it covers not just the physical aspects of yogic practice (like asanas or poses and mudras or locks), but also breathing,
Lotus Leaf Beginners Yoga
Start your yoga journey here. Yoga is a delightful holistic practice that's been proven to help you stay calm, strong, flexible and balanced across your whole lifespan. The more you explore it, the
Frances Newman Yoga
I became interested in yoga more than 25 years ago when I was invited to a yoga class with friends. We walked into a dimly lit room and could just make out someone sitting with the flame of a single

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