Be Yoga
The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word 'yuj ' meaning to 'yoke' or 'bind' and is often interpreted as 'union' of the body, mind, breath and spirit. Around 2000 years ago the Indian sage
Wild Lotus
We are open 7 days a week from early till late and our classes include: hot and glow yoga, aerial yoga, traditional yoga ( hatha and vinyasa), adult dance, pilates and zumba. Wild Lotus is located
Yoga Rocks
I first started doing Yoga and Pilates classes over 10 years ago to help improve my flexibility, strength, and provide a time where I could stop and relax (we all need a bit of this don't we). Being
Stable Yoga
Stable Yoga is a custom-designed yoga space just south of Newbury that opened in September 2006. It is run by Lucy Makin who qualified as a certified yoga teacher in 2002 and who has been teaching in
Jo Yoga
With the pace of the world getting faster and faster and increasing levels of stress we all need something to keep us centred and grounded and to bring us peace and calm. When we become caught up in
Yoga Chameleon
Yoga Chameleon was set up by two Yoga Alliance Teachers. Both have had their lives turned around for the better through yoga practice and just like a Chameleon - they have changed their colour both
Serenity Yoga
I began practicing yoga in 2007. Half way through my very first class I suddenly realised I had found something very special: I felt a serenity I had never before experienced. From that day onwards I
For Earth & Yoga
My teaching style reflects the classical Hatha yoga, Sivananda, which I have been trained in, whilst taking inspiration from my practice of different styles - including Ashtanga, Iyengar and
Modern life is exhilarating, full of choice and opportunities but also isolating, exhausting disconnecting. Yoga is a methodology for your life, a box of tools to offer support and strength and
Studio 42
Our experience shows that most classes will contain at least 25% of beginners so you will not be alone! Hot Yoga is designed to be undertaken by all levels of student. Our teachers will identify