Yoga Chameleon
Yoga Chameleon was set up by two Yoga Alliance Teachers. Both have had their lives turned around for the better through yoga practice and just like a Chameleon - they have changed their colour both
Jo Yoga
With the pace of the world getting faster and faster and increasing levels of stress we all need something to keep us centred and grounded and to bring us peace and calm. When we become caught up in
Dummer Yoga
These locations are also convenient for Beggarwood, Kempshott and Brighton Hill. My classes are open to men and women, and suitable for people of all ages and from all walks of life. These classes are
Serenity Yoga
I began practicing yoga in 2007. Half way through my very first class I suddenly realised I had found something very special: I felt a serenity I had never before experienced. From that day onwards I
Infinite Harmony
We invite you to enter a world of relaxation and holistic health. Combining the benefits of aromatherapy, holistic massage and yoga we provide courses, workshops and treatments designed to give you
I teach Hatha yoga in Basingstoke. My style is influenced by Scaravelli, a softness allows the body to move more freely and settle into postures without injury. As a BWY diploma holder I undertake