Enjoy Yoga
Enjoy Yoga was established in 2014 by Lee St John with classes based in and around the Eastleigh Area. All classes are mixed ability which means individuals are encouraged to work at their own pace.
Yoga Chameleon
Yoga Chameleon was set up by two Yoga Alliance Teachers. Both have had their lives turned around for the better through yoga practice and just like a Chameleon - they have changed their colour both
Dragonfly Yoga
If you're interested in a beginners class on Mondays from 1115 - 1215 then please contact Denise for information. Dragonfly Yoga promotes the union of the mind, body and soul through progressive,
Benita Yoga
For many years I have had a particular interest in people's wellbeing, both physically and mentally. Being a mum, having run my own business and having experienced a number of life's major challenges
Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Kundalini Yoga teaches you the techniques and awareness to stay healthy. It strengthens all the body's systems. With regular practice you gain a strong immune system, vital glands, a strong nervous
Get fitter, more flexible, and relaxed before the weekend with a great yoga workout with experienced yoga coaches in Southampton. Our physical yoga classes use strong stretches and yoga postures to
Yvette Eves has been practising yoga for over 30 years and teaching it for more than 25 years. She originally trained in France, her native country. In this country, Yvette has trained with the
Living Yoga With Stella
Maybe you've come across my website because you feel tension in your body, because your life is full and your mind is constantly on the go. You sit too much during the day so your back aches, your
The Shantaya School Of Yoga
There are many ways in which Yoga may be defined. It is a scientific method of self-development, a holistic practice for the mind, body and soul, and a science of life. Yoga originated in India about
Jo Wheeler Yoga
Inspired Yoga Vinyasa (flow) classes, workshops and retreats, based in and around Stockbridge and Winchester, Hampshire, offered to everyone of all abilities to improve strength, muscle tone,
YOGA Southsea
Cheryl Williams is a MindBodyFoodFitness specialist on the South Coast, working with people who lead full-on lives who realise they need to find some balance in order to live better, more fulfilling
Laura Fisher Yoga
Laura is a qualified yoga teacher with the internationally recognised Yoga Alliance having studied extensively with both the Yoga Alliance and the British Wheel of Yoga. Laura was first introduced to
Yoga is a mindful and nurturing practice and work on the physical postures (asanas) to develop strength and correct alignment ( this is the fitness class input), but with a strong focus on breathing
Yoga With Meeta
Meeta teaches a dynamic, physical yoga class that can help you loose weight, improve bad posture and address respiratory issues such as asthma. Meeta's classes are appropriate for both beginner and
June Milner Yoga
Yoga is more than making shapes. The postures are just one way of working towards the aim of 'settling the mind into silence'. However, along the way in yoga people notice an an increase in
Discover Yoga Winchester
Discover Yoga was established in 2001 by Rachel Bean and is now based in Winchester, Hampshire, UK Trained to highest standard British Wheel of Yoga, Birthlight perinatal, Sivananda and Howard Kent's
Beata Yoga
This site is a source of information for anyone interested in understanding the process of practicing Yoga or Pilates. I have been involved in fitness industry for 25 years, teaching pilates for
Ringwood Kundalini Yoga (Anand Yoga)
Kundalini yoga is known as the "Yoga of Awareness". This very ancient and traditional form of Yoga is beneficial to students of all levels and abilities. Working with Kriyas (sets of postures),
Portswood Yoga Classes
These classes are a dynamic and physical yoga that can help you loose weight, improve bad posture and address respiratory issues such as asthma. The class is suitable for beginner to advanced yoga
Jo Yoga
With the pace of the world getting faster and faster and increasing levels of stress we all need something to keep us centred and grounded and to bring us peace and calm. When we become caught up in