Yoga Chameleon

Yoga Chameleon was set up by two Yoga Alliance Teachers. Both have had their lives turned around for the better through yoga practice and just like a Chameleon - they have changed their colour both inside and out and are leading much happier and healthier lives.

Bridget & Lesley set up Yoga Chameleon because they wanted to share all their knowledge & experiences with as many people in the community as possible, to allow them to help other people to change their lives around. Many health issues will benefit from practicing yoga Asana (The postures) Pranayama (The Breathing) and of course the relaxation which relaxes the entire body and mind. If you also change your diet and eat as much natural and unprocessed food as possible then everything will change even quicker.

At Yoga Chameleon we do not sit around saying "Ohm" all day.