Yoga With Gill
Gill Henderson teaches Hatha Yoga the type of Yoga practised in most yoga classes in the west. It is a portable, adaptable practice, which works on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. Yoga
Abhyasa Yoga Belfast
Abhyasa Yoga is a welcoming space: a sanctuary away from your busy daily life. Whether you are wanting to get fit, to de-stress or to simply touch your toes, come and feel the benefits that arise from
Namaste Yoga Centre & Clinic
We offer an opportunity to practice and explore Yoga in all its aspects, through classes, courses and workshops. We aim to stay true to the purity of the Yoga teachings, whilst applying the Yoga
Yoga At The Temple
I could not quite put it into words or put my finger on why, but I just knew I always felt better after my yoga class! Then my teacher encouraged me to deepen my personal yoga practice by signing up
Performance Physio
Yoga is an ancient hollistic discipline originating in India which promotes physical, mental and spiritual well being. Yoga is suitable for a wide range of people as the postures and breathing
Alison Roberts B A Y F N I
All Ananda Yoga Circle class include meditation techniques which are easily incorporated into you daily life. There are many such techniques available and yoga offers a vast array of techniques to
Yoga Loft Derry
Warm Flow classes are finished until 2015. Keep an eye on the website and on the FB page, Inishowen Yoga for further updates on the new yoga studio being opened by Odel. Classes will resume at Yoga
Maitri Studio Belfast
Welcome to Maitri Studio Belfast, a home for yoga, complementary therapies and more in East Belfast. Explore this site to find out more about the studio (including room hire); the different classes
Yoga With Louise
If you are looking for a yoga class in Belfast City Centre, or the surrounding area, you've come to the right place. I have been offering classes in Belfast, Comber, Saintfield and Lisburn since 2008,
Claire Ferry Yoga
Find yoga equipment here to help with your practice at home and in class. I do occasional bulk orders from Yogamatters or Ruth White Yoga so if there's something you need, let me know. I'm doing a
I teach Hatha yoga, my style is to provide a class which allows the individual to explore yoga asanas through correct alignment, breath and awareness. The classes end with pranayama and yoga nidra.
Flame Yoga Studio
From the age of 12 I competed as a swimmer for Foyle amateur swimming club. Liam Ball memorial triathlon. My interest in yoga started when I was about 16. I was 18. I asked "what do you mean" he said
Yoga Belfast offers a wide range of creative yoga classes and courses across different locations in East Belfast (Dundonald, Gilnahirk, Ballyhackamore) and Belfast City Centre (Cathedral Quarter). Our
Flow Studio Belfast
Are you ready for an adventure? Join us in Bali in March/April 2015! We offer you a chance to build the retreat of your dreams with our exclusive Yoga Retreat, the famous Bali Spirit Festival of Yoga,
Zenbu Massage & Yoga
Suzanne Cromie is a qualified yoga teacher, massage tutor & holistic therapist in Belfast. Zenbu "means "all" or "everything" in Japanese and it is my hope that you will find everything you need
Yoga Kula Studio
The studio offers Yoga classes for all levels, ages, and gender. To encourage everyone to open their mind and experience the benefits of Yoga. A physical practice incorporating strength, flexibility
The Yoga Farm
The Hot Yoga Studio has a sophisticated integrated heat exchange system providing ventilation so you can sweat it out knowing you have fresh oxygen in the room at all times. The Yoga Farm is located
Hot Yoga Newry
Hot Yoga Newry will offer the traditional Bikram series of twenty-six Hatha Yoga postures and two Pranayama breathing techniques designed to provide a challenging, invigorating, rejuvenating and
I have been practicing yoga for twenty years and decided a decade ago to make yoga my life and start teaching yoga. TRAINING: I have travelled India extensively and studied under yoga teachers from
Ita Manderson Yoga
Yoga classes in Lisburn, Hillsborough and Belfast. One-to-one sessions throughout Northern Ireland. Medically qualified specialist in yoga for pregnancy, kids and people with medical conditions. Ita