Yoga Meditation Exercises

Particularly in the West, meditation exercises get blended and hybrid styles are created that way. Even in India, the origin of meditation, there isn't just one word for this practice. Generally speaking, all meditation strives to consciously develop the psyche of a person, yet not all styles are perfect for every man. If a mindfulness training does not suit you well we give you a couple of options to choose from that may be better suited for your personality and stage of life you find yourself in.

Start with:

The widely defined "mindfulness" correlates to any training wherein you concentrate and attempt to stay mindful of your experience for the whole duration of the meditation. That experience is tied down by an item (like the breath), a sensation (like strolling), a sound, a visual and many more and eventually means to develop mental strength.

If you are ready to be enlighted here are some meditation styles

Attempt vipassana: This is the Sanskrit word that signifies "knowledge." It helps the person that practises this to reach a deeper level of consciousness and see the reality differently. In old-style vipassana, 2,500-year-old Buddhist teaching, you first concentrate on your breathing. Insights will come with time, once your mind is in a calm state you can begin looking at arguments or concepts under a different angle.

In case you want to practise on your work desk you can try the Dzogchen technique: This is a type of Tantric meditation that needs from you to be aware of everything, in other words, it is "object-less" or "nondual". When you practise it your eyes have to be open unlike some other types of meditation and avoid labelling feelings, thoughts, or sensations.

If you are looking to find forgiveness the lovingkindness meditation will help you: It is gathering a big following in the west this relatively new type of meditation but is similar to some Tibetan traditions and revolves around developing compassion. The way it works is you have to repeat a mantra for freedom from fear and suffering.

If you are aiming for OBE (out of the body experience)

Attempt Transcendental Meditation: A type of Hindu meditation, or Vedanta, the objective is to …  transcend, or ascend over all that is not permanent. You have to be in a seated position and you focus on a mantra and constantly change the way you breathe so that way you can alter your state of mind.

If you are in the need for more energy then Kundalini is what you are looking for: The Kundalini is both a practice and a philosophy at the same time and also the name of Tantric yoga and Hindu spiritual practice. The energy flows through the chakras from the base of the spine to the head. you have to utilize your breath so that you can move the energy upwards to your head (mind) in an attempt to alter your state of mind, while also waiting for the time when the energy is reduced to a basic form similar to when you are sleeping having an orgasm or when you are dead

If you have problems with sitting in one place

Try the qi gong practise that is a Taoist way of meditation that makes use of the breath to move the energy around your body and eventually the final goal is to alter the state of mind you are.

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