Yoga With Annie
Our yoga adheres completely to the principles of alignment and is biomechanically sound. It takes us towards health and not away from it - people are unfortunately too good at hurting themselves! We
Pregnancy Yoga Classes
Pregnancy yoga classes (also known as prenatal or antenatal yoga classes) are a perfect way to include safe, gentle exercise in your weekly routine, as pregnancy yoga helps to promote relaxation
Yoga Lily
The traditional practice of Hatha Yoga is holistic in nature; meaning, it covers not just the physical aspects of yogic practice (like asanas or poses and mudras or locks), but also breathing,
Yoga In Haddenham
Hatha Yoga for all levels. Yoga classes in Haddenham, Thame and surrounding areas. I aim to teach yoga that everyone can benefit from regardless of fitness or age. My belief is that everyone should be
Viva Yoga
Yoga is a mind-body practice that welcomes every individual regardless of age, gender, or ability. Through physical activity, breathing exercises and meditation, yoga increases strength and
Buckingham Yoga
I have lived in Buckingham for 14 years and feel very much part of the Community here. I am honoured to meet many different people through my teaching of Yoga and other roles in my life. I have been
Frances Newman Yoga
I became interested in yoga more than 25 years ago when I was invited to a yoga class with friends. We walked into a dimly lit room and could just make out someone sitting with the flame of a single
Holistic Face
Face Yoga is a series of facial exercises designed to tone, lift and rejuvenate skin and muscle. The method I teach integrates facial exercise, face massage, acupressure, relaxation and wellbeing. It
Liz Brown Yoga
Welcome to Liz Brown Yoga, offering friendly group yoga classes in Chesham near Amersham, in Monks Risborough and in Halton & Wendover near Aylesbury, plus private sessions to suit. My mother
Lotus Leaf Beginners Yoga
Start your yoga journey here. Yoga is a delightful holistic practice that's been proven to help you stay calm, strong, flexible and balanced across your whole lifespan. The more you explore it, the
Yoga For Health
The Yoga for Health and Education Trust (YHET) is a charity founded in 2006 following the closure of the Yoga for Health Foundation at Ickwell Bury in Bedfordshire. The Foundation at Ickwell Bury ran
Phenix Yoga
Jeff teaches at both Triyoga and the Life Centre - recognised as London's leading yoga centres, he trains yoga teachers and also teaches in the South Bucks area. He is highly experienced and fully
Aylesbury Yoga Centre
Currently our timetable offers adult group classes; opportunities for private 1-to-1 sessions; and 1-to-1 sessions for children and young adults with special needs. Over time we hope this will develop
Whitespace Yoga
We believe that when you walk into a Yoga studio, there should be a heartbeat, a personality and a vibe. So we created a place that feels welcoming and like a second home. With a friendly atmosphere,
Joy Yoga Therapy By Elena
I used to teach yoga classes in Willen pavilion and Old Bath House Wolverton, Milton Keynes and in Hardengstone Village Hall, Northampton till lock down in March 2020. At the moment I have resumed