Bournemouth Yoga
Rebecca Rodrigues has been practising yoga for many years and has been a qualified teacher for over 7 years. Rebecca has trained in Sivananda Yoga which is a traditional restorative, energising and
Yoga Classes Bournemouth
The sound of running water alongside the site makes this a tranquil location. The grounds are full of fruit trees and flowers with comfortable sunbeds around a beautiful pool. There is a dedicated
JooJoo Yoga
JooJoo was founded in the UK by me Nina Fox a business owner specialising in software development and website design. I didnt feel emotionally fulfilled or like I was making a difference. I had been
Jabula Hypnobirthing & Pregnancy Yoga
Hi, I'm Linda, mum to my daughters, Ashleigh, Kymberleigh and Laila- ranging in ages from 4 to 22. I originally trained as a school teacher but I guess the universe had other plans for me when I
Yoga Hayley
With Embrace Yoga this is just what we do, on an individual level bringing together body, mind, breath, energy and spirit. And also on a group level, as we gather together from all walks of life to
ZenOhmSphere Classes
ZenOhmSphere is unique, in that it delivers classes, one-on-one therapy sessions and Yoga Spa Day Retreats, which incorporates water both internally and externally. The added advantage being, we are
Man Yoga
If you think that Yoga is all about lycra, stretching and incense then think again. ManYoga offers a straightforward program leading to increased flexibility, improved strength and better overall