Centered Yoga Studio
The practice of Yoga has long been known to be a good source for physical and mental health benefits. Today, perhaps more than ever the practice of Yoga is becoming widely accepted as a non religious,
Open Yoga
Open Yoga provides inclusive community classes. Yoga improves flexibility, strength and relaxation as well as promoting a strong immune system and supporting the nervous system, digestion and general
Yoga Frankie
Classical Hatha yoga, yoga for people living with cancer, pregnancy yoga and post natal yoga (yoga for mums and babies), in Bristol and Stroud, with Frankie Duggan. Yoga is a highly practical system
Kishori Yoga
It finds a healthy balance between the yang and yin, the active and receptive. There are so many different styles of yoga, so many different teachers, but essentially all yoga is yoga. Feel free to
Mindfulness Yoga
I offer group hatha yoga classes and individual tuition to men and women of all ages and abilities, in and around the Stroud Valleys and throughout Gloucestershire. I teach in a way which is clear,
Stroud Yoga Space
I have been practicing yoga and meditation for 24 years, the last 12 of which I have been teaching, sharing the reading, practice and knowledge that I have accumulated over many years through the
The Joy Of Yoga
The Joy of Yoga offers group classes and individual yoga tuition and/or therapy in Gloucestershire, regardless of age, level of flexibility, strength or balance, gender, culture or religion. Group
Ashtanga-based yoga: classes and 1:1 at the loft, stroud brewery, online, at home. Personal training, pilates classes and 1:1. Outdoor fitness sessions, home education sports classes.