Phoenix Yoga
Phoenix Yoga runs regular, friendly yoga classes in Cheltenham, Charlton Kings and Bishops Cleeve. We can also offer private classes for smaller groups or 1-2-1 sessions at a time and place to suit
Centered Yoga Studio
The practice of Yoga has long been known to be a good source for physical and mental health benefits. Today, perhaps more than ever the practice of Yoga is becoming widely accepted as a non religious,
Open Yoga
Open Yoga provides inclusive community classes. Yoga improves flexibility, strength and relaxation as well as promoting a strong immune system and supporting the nervous system, digestion and general
Yoga Frankie
Classical Hatha yoga, yoga for people living with cancer, pregnancy yoga and post natal yoga (yoga for mums and babies), in Bristol and Stroud, with Frankie Duggan. Yoga is a highly practical system
Cheltenham Yoga
Our yoga classes in Cheltenham and Tewkesbury have been running since 2006 and we like to think that those who attend see their yoga practice as an essential part of their weekly regime, an antidote
You can drop in to one of our friendly general classes and if you like it - which I'm sure you will - you can make it regular 'you time' and benefit from reduced prices by taking out a block booking
Kishori Yoga
It finds a healthy balance between the yang and yin, the active and receptive. There are so many different styles of yoga, so many different teachers, but essentially all yoga is yoga. Feel free to
Viniyoga Of Yoga
Undertaking a personal inquiry and formal Yoga practice in 1972 he began meeting teachers and exploring the practice and theory of āsana and prāṇāyāma. Following this he met and commenced
Barefoot Yoga
Please click on mixed ability yoga class tab above for full details. These classes are suitable for anyone who has reduced mobility and still wishes to gain the many benefits of yoga. Website and all
Mindfulness Yoga
I offer group hatha yoga classes and individual tuition to men and women of all ages and abilities, in and around the Stroud Valleys and throughout Gloucestershire. I teach in a way which is clear,
Ann Morley Yoga
I started yoga in 2003 with a rigorous Ashtanga practice, loving the physical challenge of this style. I immediately appreciated the fun non-competitive self-exploration that yoga encourages, often
Orchid Yoga
I have been practising yoga for over 20 years now and I am excited to be teaching Hatha yoga classes in Gloucester. I am also a qualified NLP practitioner and Life Coach. I am qualified as an Advanced
Stroud Yoga Space
I have been practicing yoga and meditation for 24 years, the last 12 of which I have been teaching, sharing the reading, practice and knowledge that I have accumulated over many years through the
Yoga Well
Based in Cheltenham, we offer yoga classes at various locations, as well as private sessions at our studio or your home, as well as groups classes in the workplace. Yoga has something to offer people
Wesley Tan
Chair Pilates Classes - do you want to keep strong & flexible but have trouble getting down to a mat on the floor? We are a popular and highly respected studio in central Cheltenham in
Mary Devereux Yoga
Mary has been practising yoga since 2001 when she immediately fell in love with the way it made her feel. Upon moving to Britain from the United States, Mary began a journey to become a yoga teacher.
Penny Jolly
Beautifully extending Yoga that affects the mind and emotions as well as the body. All the photos are authentic to show you real people doing the poses rather than imported models and, although you
The Joy Of Yoga
The Joy of Yoga offers group classes and individual yoga tuition and/or therapy in Gloucestershire, regardless of age, level of flexibility, strength or balance, gender, culture or religion. Group
Ella & Fleur Hot Yoga
Hot yoga is a series of postures and breathing exercises performed in a heated room. Each posture is specifically designed to not only stretch the entire body, strengthen and tone the muscles of the
Yoga Works
The postures are very precise and you will be guided through them by an experienced teacher, who is fully trained to make appropriate adjustments for different physiques and for people with specific