Sandra Boucher Yoga
I saw her once a week and never failed to feel challenged, exhilarated, inspired and relaxed. She is an excellent teacher with a detailed understanding of all the Astanga yoga positions both
Innersense Yoga
All classes offer Asana (postural work), Pranayama (breath work) and Relaxation or Meditation - Each Individual can take what is suited to their needs. YOGA is for EVERYONE and therefore, everyone can
Laugh Out Loud Yoga
My background is in banking, teaching and network marketing. There were good times but mainly a lot of stress. A few years ago I took time out to build my own home in Fulbrook on the edge of the
The Yoga Diva
Bronwen, The Yoga Diva, has been practicing yoga for 36 years. She is a Health and Lifestyle Trail-Blazer who believes that all women should be proud of who they are and are entitled to good health
I was born and spent most of my childhood in Hong Kong and began to teach yoga in London in 2002, so I have 12 years' teaching experience having worked in London gyms and yoga centres as well as alot
Oxford Yoga
I have been studying and teaching Hatha yoga since 1989. Over the years, I have studied with a variety of teachers, allowing me to adapt my knowledge to the needs of many different students. I enjoy
Studio One
For all those Reformer enthusiasts who have been searching for a Group class in this area! Studio One also has two therapy rooms. Our main room is occupied by the Jules Morrow Clinic offering massage,
Oxford Yoga Tuition
Within these two mantras are contained the essences of traditional Yoga. Rachel has been practicing yoga for over 25 years and teaching since 2006. She trained for over 5 years with the British wheel
Yoga Birth
Pregnancy yoga offers time to stretch, relax, breath and enhance your pregnancy. You will enjoy healthy, safe exercise that prepares you in mind and body for childbirth and being a new mum. In the
We are Oxford's premier Yoga studio offering over 50 different Yoga classes a week including Hatha Yoga, Hot Bikram Yoga (Hot 26), Hot Power Yoga, Pilates, Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga.
Olivia Johnson Yoga
The workshop is open to anyone who has some yoga experience, and an interest in delving deeper into asana and the potential transformational effects they offer. Spaces are limited to 13 for this
Robin Lipsey
My classes all take place in the Yoga Barn in Wolvercote, North Oxford. This is a converted Edwardian barn set in an orchard with superb views over Port Meadow to the spires of Oxford. This space
Shiatsu Wallingford
She graduated in 2005 as a Shiatsu therapist through the Ealing School Of Shiatsu and qualified in Indian head massage and Hot Stone Therapy with Jing Advanced Massage training. Through working on
I specialise in Vinyasa Flow, which is a creative and athletic type of yoga to help develop individual strength, mobility and flexibility, whilst developing a sense of mindfulness in practise. Yoga
Charlbury Yoga Studio
Classes are taught by Matthew Greenfield, a fully qualified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (certified to Junior Intermediate Level III) with over 20 years experience. All classes are taught using the world
Ashtanga Yoga Oxford
Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a moving meditation practice - dynamic flowing yoga combined with deep conscious breathing and one-pointed focus. We welcome everyone to our yoga classes: complete beginners,
Yoga Central Plus (YC+)
We consider the uniqueness of each person and how both internal and external factors impact functioning. We encourage our clients to become pro-active in their own health and partner with them as they
YogaBugs Oxford
YogaBugs is the largest children's yoga inspired activity in the UK offering classes for children from walking age to seven years and beyond. YogaBugs classes bring stories to life through specially
Rebecca Walden Yoga
I hope that you find all you need to know either contained here or through suggested links. Yoga is an ancient discipline, that has been passed down, through thousands of years, in a tradition of
MK Yoga
Milton Keynes Ashtanga yoga was set up by Andreas to bring some of the country's most respected yoga teachers to the Milton Keynes area. Coming from a martial arts background of kyokushin karate he