Revitalise Hove is a popular healthy living centre combining a health shop with 8 therapy & Class rooms. Our room hirers specialise in power plate, pilates & yoga classes, colonic hydrotherapy,
Authentic Classical Yoga
This site provides all the details you will need for my yoga classes in Brighton & Hove. The classes are designed to bring you abundant health and happiness through the practice of yoga so if you live
Create Yourself
Through a holistic range of services including Yoga, Life Coaching, Reiki and Image Coaching, we can help you move beyond any self-limiting barriers that get in your way from feeling good about
LIFT Personal Training
Lucy is a vinyasa flow yoga teacher and personal trainer in Brighton and Hove. Lucy gave birth to her first baby on September 7th 2014. During her pregnancy, Lucy decided to start a video series, from
Paradise Yoga With Tiffany
Certified in hatha yoga I teach mainly in the style of vinyasa flow. The direct translation is breath synchronised movement, which is a flowing and fluid style that completely energises the whole
Karmiyoga Yoga
So many reasons! To tone the body, stretch, strengthen and lengthen muscles, improve postural alignment, reduce stress, feel more relaxed, slow down ageing and experience the natural 'high' that
Yoga With Marc
To my understanding the word 'yoga' means to bind, to put back together, to reintegrate. It has nothing to do with achieving postures by distorting the body, but it has everything to do with creating