Kemptown Yoga
I use good, safe alignment techniques and encourage students to build a life-long personal practice combined with a regular class. I always include Yoga Nidra, visualisation and chakra balancing in my
Brighton Dahn Yoga
Dahn Yoga is designed to help the practitioner develop self-awareness and improve the circulation of energy in the body through meridian stretching, ki-gong, healing martial arts and meditation. Dahn
One Yoga
The oldest scriptures containing yogic thoughts and practices are many thousands of years old. The yoga tree is comprised of many branches including Mantra, Karma, Bhakti, Raja and Hatha to name but a
Ocean Bay Yoga
Yoga came to me in two ways. A curiosity from being the child of two medics. And from growing up in competitive sport. I love sports science, But I wanted to know what can I do to make these aching
Classes are given in an open, relaxed and safe environment providing a sanctuary from your everyday life. Most classes are a dynamic flow style of yoga (definition below) and are suitable for people
Jim Tarran
All teachers, trainees and students of Vajrasati Yoga are trusted and encouraged to make their own honest exploration into yoga, it's practice and it's implications. Just as a mountaineer makes their
Brighton Hatha Yoga
We will alternate strengthening and softening movements of the whole body with various postures in a relaxed tempo. We work with different variations depending on current health states. Through
Clocktower Yoga
Experience the delights of yoga on the Ki centre's lovely padded crash mats on Thursday evenings at 5.45pm with Sue - easy on the knees and very freeing as you can roll or step off your mat - and
Holly Cooper Yoga
Founder of Studio iO, A small dedicated Yoga Space in central Brighton I teach weekly classes in Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and TRX Yoga. My passion for yoga began when I was at school although I was keen to
I have always had an interest in health and fitness and began practising yoga as a teenager. My interest grew when I practised yoga regularly as a student in London where yoga helped me deal with the