Purely Yoga
Yoga is for everyone, whether you're flexible or not so flexible. My Yoga sessions are tailored to suit you, your needs and specific requirements. So whether you are looking to improve your overall
Gaia Tree Yoga
I really enjoy Isabelle's Yoga classes and have been attending regularly for over nine years and I always leave relaxed, uplifted and energised. Doing yoga with Isabelle has changed my life. I feel
Yoga By Charlotte
I have been trained to teach yoga with the Devon School of Yoga and have been teaching for over a year. I like to teach the holistic, eclectic style that Duncan Hulin advocates on the Devon teacher
James Russell Yoga
My names is James Russell and I am a yoga teacher based in Devon, UK. I've been practising yoga regularly for about 14 years and have been teaching since 2007. I teach a holistic approach that
Ayurvedic Yoga
Ayurvedic yoga massage has its origins in India and is an ancient healing system that uses an effective combination of powerful deep tissue massage with coordinated breath work and yoga stretches. The
The Ashtanga Yoga Workshop
Located in the West Quarter of Central Exeter, The Ashtanga Yoga Workshop is Exeter's first purpose built yoga studio. It is a unique space, lovingly crafted from the finest sustainable materials and
Look Within Yoga
Step in to the unknown, break free from your normal routine, rediscover youself, free your body and mind with yoga. Every day living can cause stress, anxiety, worries, aches and pains. Yoga helps us
Derekthedog Yoga Centre
Here at derekthedog Yoga Studio our aim is to enhance, improve, develop and transform your wellbeing in all aspects of life through pure Yoga practice. Our Yoga Centre offers the widest variety of
Jills Yoga
She teaches holistically, using movement, breath and awareness to bring about benefits for the bodymind: the combined physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of the individual. She has
Julie Baldon
Julie began her exploration with yoga nearly 20 years ago. Initially as a means to deal with the stress of university studies but over time she developed a wider awareness of the benefits of yoga in
Lotus Loft Yoga Centre
Covering the top floor of a beautiful Georgian building our friendly, light and warm studio is a perfect environment for Yoga. We iffer drop in classes, courses, workshops, events and training.
BAM therapy
Yoga meets psychological therapy techniques in Exeter to support psychological, emotional, biological and social transformation and healing. Dr Kayleigh Darch is a registered Clinical Psychologist and