West Coast Yoga
Julie has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and it has become life's ambition to pass her knowledge on to others. She undertook her intensive three years training with the British Wheel of Yoga
Carlisle Yoga
The practice of yoga has a positive impact upon your health and wellbeing and is complimentary to other fitness activities, making your body stronger and more flexible. However, the benefits do not
Balance Studio
Welcome to Balance Studio, a light, tranquil space for developing a healthy body, clear mind and lifted spirit, through a multi-disciplinary approach to wellbeing. Balance Studio has a range of
North Lakes Yoga Group
The main aim is to enable peer support, sharing of knowledge, experience and networking within the group. This is done by meeting to share a practical yoga session together, led by one of our members,
Jo Cook Yoga
This site has information about Iyengar yoga, my classes, myself, equipment, yoga events, and a (new!) blog. If there's anything else you think it would be useful to have here please let me know.