MogaDao is an original practice tradition, created and founded by my teacher Zhenzan Dao, that promotes profound mind-body well-being and nurtures spiritual awakening through its ‘Neo-Daoist'
You won't be lost in the crowd - Each class provides a complete practice that is suitable for both beginners and more experienced students as general instruction is balanced with specific guidance on
Epping Yoga
I started my yoga practice in 2000, mainly as a form of exercise, but soon found that yoga had many additional benefits, particularly as a way of stilling my constantly chattering mind and as an aid
I teach beginner and general level yoga classes in Cambridge for a wide sector of groups, including community groups, spas, leisure centres, colleges and corporate classes. I bring my enthusiasm,
Helens Yoga
My name is Helen Goodjohn and I am a fully qualified hatha yoga teacher (British Wheel of Yoga Diploma and FRYOG Diploma). I run classes in Ely, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas. Hatha yoga
Anne's Yoga & Reflexology
British Wheel of Yoga Diploma and Pregnancy Module, Reflexology MAR (Member of the Association of Reflexologists), and SRN nurse with Midwifery and Alzheimer's experience. Anne trained as a nurse at
Yoga Holidays
Having been encouraged by my own teacher, I decided to train as a yoga teacher so I could share the experience and benefits that yoga has given me in my life. I initially started practising yoga about
Bikram Yoga Norwich
The Bikram series has the deepest impact on the body's insides and functioning. It is a challenging, exciting and vigorous series, and it gets the best results of any kind of yoga practiced today.
Norwich Buddhist Centre
Starting on 3 June, this six-week course is for complete beginners who want to learn how to meditate from scratch. Or maybe you've been coming along to the drop-ins but want to benefit from a
Inner Space
Inner Space provides a quiet and peaceful venue suitable for training courses, workshops, individual treatments, meetings, group work, therapies, exhibitions, art, music, dance or drama sessions. This