Yoga By Dr. Mala
I have been practicing yoga and meditation for over forty years. My passionate journey of yoga started at the age of 13 when I saw a Himalayan Yogi practicing yoga under a tree on the bank of the
We become able to meet our challenges creatively, and open our awareness and receptivity to opportunities. Kundalini yoga consists of exercises or postures (Asanas), breathing techniques (Pranayama),
Yummy Pregnancy Yoga
Yummy Yoga Classes are specially designed yoga classes for mums-to-be and new mums and their babies. Practice of Yoga in Pregnancy brings about better physical health, calmer mind, deeper body & mind
Whether you want to relax, stretch, strengthen and tone your body or simply take some time out, Yoga Concepts can help. From the early bird session, starting from 7 am to daytime or evening classes,
MindedYoga For Pregnancy
1ST CLASS INTRODUCTORY OFFER £10- If you are new to MindedYoga then take advantage of an introductory rate of £10 for the first class. Experience a class for yourself and should wish to
Yoga Paradise
Yoga Paradise was founded by Priya Sawhney with the support of her two daughters, Amreen and Simrit. Priya's journey into yoga goes back 14 years, when she started Hatha Yoga and then moved on to
Adele Yoga
Adele's passion for teaching is felt through her skillful voice and sweetness. You can almost taste one of her amazing brownies while you are in her class. She perfectly blends her skill as a cook
My name is Kerry Sarhanis. I am a qualified British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) teacher. I am fully insured. The BWY is the governing body for Yoga in England and a member of the sports council. I have also
Iccha Yoga
If you have the desire to 'feel damn good' then practice Dynamic Yoga with me, Iccha Yoga - vinyasa flow, power yoga & rocket! So tonight was my last class at Fitness4Less. Thank you to all for
Clarity Yoga Studio
Join us this Spring for a creative approach to Ashtanga Yoga, in the heart of St Albans. Welcome to the beginning of your new journey into yoga at our dedicated yoga studio. It's an oasis of calm