The Yoga Hutch
Sarah is a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher with a passion to share her knowledge and experience of astanga and hatha yoga. The Yoga Hutch is a private tranquil space in Surbiton Surrey. We
Surbiton Yoga
My spine feels a lot stronger and more flexible, and I no longer need to take any more pain medication. It also seems to have sorted out my dodgy hamstrings as well, meaning I can finally play
Pregnancy Yoga Wimbledon
Annabel Hargrave qualified as an Active Birth Teacher in 1997 after a two year training course at the Active Birth Centre with Janet Balaskas, Lolly Stirk and Yvonne Moore. She then went onto train as
Ever done a class in a freezing, dusty church hall and thought 'this ain't for me'? Or maybe you found a swanky new yoga studio, but it was full of bendy young yoga bunnies in skin tight lycra?
Carolyn's Yoga
Free First class, if pre-booked, so you can decide if this is the class for you! We'll have a chat after class to see how you got on. Friendly, varied, mixed ability Yoga classes for women and men,
MuMu Yoga
I teach each and every class with love, care, enthusiasm, passion and devotion and my highest goal is always to help my students achieve their full potential on and off the mat, every day, in every
The Yoga Gem
I began practicing yoga in earnest whilst completing my Masters in Education and Social Research. After a rewarding financial career I began a new career as a yoga teacher, whilst continuing to work
Yoga Sarang
Would you like to practice yoga in the comfort of your own home? Group classes are not working with your schedule or you want to focus on a particular area of your body? It doesn't matter if you can't
Alva Yoga
During these 4 years of studies I was privileged to be exposed to many different methods of healing and therapies and took additional classes outside the TCM frame. I've graduated Shiatsu therapy and
Thus started my love affair with yoga. It was so nice to find something again after years of dance training, that allowed me to balance, re-focus and calm. I now cant imagine my life without moments

South London