Body Studio
Body Studio is a unique personal training space in the heart of Shoreditch, nested under the railway arches on Rivington Street. We are more than your an average East London gym, we are an urban
YogaWebsite MINDBODY
The YogaWebsite for MINDBODY integration is by far the most sophisticated and high performing available. Working with someone that knows what we do as yoga teachers and owners of a yoga center has
Barbican Yoga Cave
The Yoga Cave is a centre of culture dedicated to excellence in every aspect of yoga, from the rigorous selection of our instructors to our bespoke class scheduling to the boutique arrangement of our
Yoga Club Namaste London
Yoga club "NAMASTE" is the place where ancient yoga practices meet modern people to help them improve their life, to make them more energetic, balanced and happy! Our goal is to preserve the essence
Energy Yoga
Energy Yoga was founded by Sarojini McKenna, who also works in corporate finance. She has been practicing Sivananada yoga since 2002, and in 2007 she received her Yoga Siromani (Teacher) diploma in

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