The Yoga Barn
The best way to find out a bit more about Yoga is to experience it, find a teacher who you sincerely connect with or a book that inspires you in some way, and begin the journey. Yoga is an ancient
North Devon Yoga Centre
Yoga began in northern India at least two thousand of years ago. It was originally a teaching with the aim of leading the dedicated practitioner closer to enlightenment. The physical postures (called
Congratulations for finding the doorway to what could be the most profound and healing journey of your lifetime. Step into a rich kingdom of physical and spiritual wealth from two of the most notable
James Russell Yoga
My names is James Russell and I am a yoga teacher based in Devon, UK. I've been practising yoga regularly for about 14 years and have been teaching since 2007. I teach a holistic approach that
Donna Yoga Girl
Ladies! Get ready for summer with NEW Sculpt 'n' Tone Yoga. We all want to look great, feel sexy and ooze confidence. We often don't worry about it underneath winter jumpers and coats, but then panic
Yoga For Life
Our lives are busy and hectic, and it can be challenging to find the space to slow down. Yoga creates a space where we can take a pause, focus on ourselves, and find a little extra balance to help us
Jills Yoga
She teaches holistically, using movement, breath and awareness to bring about benefits for the bodymind: the combined physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of the individual. She has
Chris Croft
Chris Croft teaches Ashtanga Yoga as his teachers, which include Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, taught him. He leads Mysore Style & led classes, workshops, private tuition, retreats and corporate events across
Creative Yoga
Here you will find details of yoga classes, workshops and yoga teacher training courses in Milverton and Wellington. In the weekend workshops and teacher training course you can acquire a really
Yoga By Charlotte
I have been trained to teach yoga with the Devon School of Yoga and have been teaching for over a year. I like to teach the holistic, eclectic style that Duncan Hulin advocates on the Devon teacher