The Shantaya School Of Yoga
There are many ways in which Yoga may be defined. It is a scientific method of self-development, a holistic practice for the mind, body and soul, and a science of life. Yoga originated in India about
Vinyasa Flow Yoga Southsea
Vinyasa yoga moves steadily from pose to pose in sequences of movements synchronized with the breath, often pausing to hold poses for various lengths of time while maintaining the rhythmic flow of the
YOGA Southsea
Cheryl Williams is a MindBodyFoodFitness specialist on the South Coast, working with people who lead full-on lives who realise they need to find some balance in order to live better, more fulfilling
Hotspot Yoga
Hot yoga is yoga practised in a heated studio of up to 40 degrees centigrade. You can develop your strength, flexibility and balance and fitness levels to a much greater degree than the usual class
Kate Sabin Yoga
My career has been pretty varied: teaching maths in secondary schools, being a class teacher in a middle school, teaching English as a Foreign Language to adults and working with home-educated
Dragonfly Yoga
If you're interested in a beginners class on Mondays from 1115 - 1215 then please contact Denise for information. Dragonfly Yoga promotes the union of the mind, body and soul through progressive,
Yoga With Emma
Yoga strengthens and balances the physical body, using the breath to deepen the stretches and calm the mind. The practice of yoga becomes a precious time to rejuvenate and a powerful tool towards a
Lotus Yoga Studio
A small, dedicated Yoga space offering a peaceful environment in the heart of Fareham. Opened by Rachael in July 2014 to bring a range of Yoga and relaxation classes, as well as monthly workshops
Chichester Yoga
Yoga is an age old practice that benefits the human body on many levels. The speed and business of life today means it is ever more important to find a healthy way to release stress and relax the mind
Yinspire Yoga
I currently run a Yin Inspired Yoga class in Ryde, Isle of Wight, Tuesday nights - see Classes and One to Ones for information. In yoga the edge is the place of challenge and change. It may be high;