Jivamukti Yoga London
1984, which reintegrates the physical, philosophical and spiritual aspects of Yoga. The emphasis in the west has been on Yoga as mostly a physical practice. More and more people are achieving firmer
Rose School Of Transformational Yoga
The Rose School of Transformational Yoga offers a variety of classes for those that are interested in beginning or continuing their journey of Yoga. We offer various classes in East Finchley, Barnet
In The Om
This cosy and comfortable space provides the perfect setting for yoga classes and massage therapy sessions. You will feel calm and at ease within these serene surroundings. Yoga class enrolment is
Yoga With Laura Marchetti
My aim as a Yoga teacher is to facilitate each student's personal Yoga journey. Anything I teach is adapted to suit and benefit the individual and I particularly enjoy the challenge (and rewards!) of
Vanilla Yoga
Feel good yoga for every stage of your life with qualified yoga instructor Anna Lubliner (BWY Dip). From the beginner to the advanced student enjoy regular classes in Hatha Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga and
Quantum Yoga
One-month intensive immersion program suitable for those who have completed the 200-hour course and would like to develop their teaching skills, as well as deepen and intensify their understanding of
Mother & Baby Yoga
We invite you in to explore, grow and develop. Our space has been designed to fit the needs of our clients: a studio for yoga and pilates, a Gyrotonic studio, a Pilates Reformer studio and a special
Lumi Power Yoga
Lumi Power Yoga represents what we believe to be true about any committed endeavour: unlimited potential. We are passionate about what we do and grateful for the opportunity to share the practice of
Pure Yoga Bliss
I teach classical hatha yoga asanas (postures) to help tone, strengthen and increase flexibility. Incorporating a flowing movement of forward bends, back bends, inversions and twists to help stretch
Julie K Yoga
Please use my site to find out about my weekly yoga class or to reserve your place in any upcoming class. You can contact me personally with questions regarding yoga, meditation or personal tuition.