Debbie Joy
I deeply value the healing arts and all they offer to us as individuals, and in the connections they build. I am therefore pleased to offer Thai yoga massage treatments for individually focused
Ultra Yoga
Her style of yoga is individual, blending calming and energising postures and breathing techniques derived from ancient, well-established schools of yoga, such as Sivananda and Ashtanga, to provide a
Yoga For Dudes
Jodie Raven is a fully trained Yoga Teacher originally from Kent, UK. After finding a true passion for Yoga, she was eager to learn much more, and embarked on a Teacher-Training course in London for
Sabey Yoga
Nina first started Yoga to lose weight, tone and help relieve aching muscles during her marathon training. Not long afterwards, Nina was fitter, toned and running faster! Nina fell in love with yoga,
Yoga London
77% of our students teach within 6 months of graduating. Compare that with 57% from other schools. To discover the strengths of our programme, download our free, no obligation prospectus. We are not
North London Yoga Studio
North London Yoga Studio was set up by Jackie Lee and Indira Das-Gupta, two popular local teachers who wanted to keep Yoga accessible to all. We aim to keep our timetable as varied as possible in
Ever done a class in a freezing, dusty church hall and thought 'this ain't for me'? Or maybe you found a swanky new yoga studio, but it was full of bendy young yoga bunnies in skin tight lycra?
Stretching The City Yoga
Stretching the City provides Nabarro staff with an extensive range of fun and exciting wellbeing classes from meditation over lunch to Pilate/Yoga classes in the evening. Sally has been excellent at
LaurenYoga offers expert yoga classes in Wimbledon & Raynes Park to practitioners of all abilities. Whether you are an advanced student of yoga, an athlete who needs to stretch out, a complete
The Yoga Hutch
Sarah is a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher with a passion to share her knowledge and experience of astanga and hatha yoga. The Yoga Hutch is a private tranquil space in Surbiton Surrey. We