Cheryl Fitness & Yoga
So this year we have reason to celebrate - and I've still got some of my original clients from 1995 still attending! As an RAD trained ballet dancer, I first started teaching ballet to children when I
Padma Yoga Studio Spalding
Padma Yoga came in to existence in 2005. Following a sports injury in 2000, founder Claire Thomas, took up yoga to support her recovery. Whilst she did not return to sport until recently, Claire found
All classes offered are 'Inter-disciplinary' in style. In simple terms 'Hatha' yoga is the practice of yoga which has a strong focus on asana's (postures) as opposed for example, to 'Bhakti' yoga
Marie Glanfield Yoga
Marie is a yoga teacher and holistic therapist specialising in yoga and Ayurveda. She offers individual consultations in yoga as therapy as well as teaching group and private yoga classes. She is
Indian Summer Yoga
Inversions or inverted poses are an immensely important group of asanas. Instead of gravity pulling everything towards the feet, the orientation shifts towards the head. On the emotional and spiritual
Jacqui Yoga
This is the site of Jacqui Barnett, British Wheel of Yoga teacher. Jaqcui provides yoga and mindfulness classes, workshops and one-to-one sessions in the Northamptonshire area. Yoga is an enjoyable
Nourish Yoga Glow
For as long as I can remember I have had an interest in health and fitness and spent many years going to the gym regularly and running regularly. After beginning to experience health problems which
Anahata Yoga Market Harborough
I have been involved in yoga and attended classes of different types and styles throughout my life, having been introduced to Richard Hittleman's books and TV programmes at a very early age by my
Kim Woods Yoga
I'm Kim Woods and I have been practising yoga for 16 years. I am based in Leicester and have started giving one-to-one lessons and will shortly be setting up some classes in the area. I love yoga and
Blossom Yoga was formed by twins Jacinda Butterworth and Keeley Baigent in 2007. We are fully qualified Sun Power Yoga and Children's Yoga teachers, with current, enhanced CRB clearance, specialising