Blissful Yoga
Blissful yoga is based on the principles of Dru positive health and well being to unblock energy in the body, ease back pain and improve posture. The practice is safe, therapeutic and, most of all,
Kailash Yoga & Therapy Centre
Kailash Mistry is an experienced Hatha Yoga teacher from India who now shares her enthusiasm for original and traditional Hatha Yoga within her classes in Rugby and surrounding areas. She has been
Paul is a British Wheel of Yoga teacher. Paul believes that yoga can help with your everyday problems caused from the 21st century style of living, sitting in front of a computer, television or in a
Inner Peace Hatha
I started practising hatha yoga in 1988 while a student at New York University. New York City was a wonderful place to begin my yoga journey as I had access to a wide range of classes and excellent
Yoga By Claudia
Claudia has been practicing Yoga since 2000 with a variety of teachers who specialised in Iyengar, Ashtanga and Hatha yoga. She completed her British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course in 2012/13 with
Janet Evans Yoga
Janet encountered her first yoga class in 1996, immediately felt an affinity and never looked back. She has been teaching yoga for over 15 years and qualified after studying the 3 year British Wheel
Tranquil Heart Yoga
Julie believes yoga should be made accessible to all, so offers different classes enabling the student to choose the practice that suits them best. In all classes there is a high degree of attention
Indian Wellness Academy
Are you a seeker - looking for spiritual solutions - continually seeking to grow and change? At the Indian Wellness Centre we teach yoga and apply modern therapeutic techniques to the ancient wisdom
Tiddly Tots Yoga
Tiddly Tots Yoga classes have been designed for babies from 16 weeks old to children of 7 years old. Designed around Yoga moves the classes have been created to be lots of fun for both the child and
Flexifun Yoga
I am a mother of three and having worked with children and young people for many years I know from experience children are effected as much as adults in life's problems from bereavement, family break