Balance Yoga Coventry
Respect for yourself and others, developing self awareness, management of emotions and finding a way to deal with the pressures of modern life are all things that young children should be learning in
Iyengar Yoga Coventry
I had studied with different teachers from other forms of yoga for nine years, moving from one to another. Finding Iyengar yoga in 1996 was a revelation. I quickly realised that Iyengar yoga would
Yoga-Mad is a leading supplier of Yoga equipment and Yoga clothing in the UK. Whether you're an teacher or studio owner looking for class equipment or just someone who wants a mat for your practicing
Coventry Pilates Studio
Our Yoga staff and Pilates teachers are inspiring and talented, the atmosphere is relaxed & friendly and the mood is playful. Our doors are wide open for everybody to experience the wonderful benefits
Transcendence Yoga
The name and logo are there to reflect my intention and my values about yoga. I'm not trying to be something I'm not. I don't pretend to be a vast organization that can offer everything to everyone.
Patrick Flynn Yoga
In 2011 I decided to apply my experience towards a career in fitness and health care. During that year I was employed and trained as a fitness instructor with The Wright Foundation Research│GP
Belinda Staplehurst Yogaworks
My sessions are informal and welcoming. The atmosphere in my classes is relaxed with people feeling able to rest longer or to work deeper if they wish. We also have plenty of laughs; yoga is a serious
Bliss Yoga & Pilates
Michelle Nicklin started Bliss Yoga & Relaxation in her attic yoga room in 2010 with 6 students. Michelle has loved all things yoga for years, practising whilst she lived in other parts of the UK and
Innaharmony Yoga
InnaHarmony is run by Kay Morris and operates within the Dudley and Wolverhampton Borough. Kay is an experienced British Wheel of Yoga teacher, her balanced approach to teaching Yoga has evolved from
Instinct Yoga
I came to Yoga as a man in his 40's trying to keep fit, hold down a job and look after a family. The idea of the Yoga was to try to help combat my stiffness and lack of flexibility and to help me