Yoga The Love

I teach three different types of Yoga: Sun Power Yoga, Freestyle Fitness Yoga and Hot Yoga. Please note that all types of Yoga that I teach are suitable for complete beginners as well as experienced yogi's. You don't need to be 'a flexible person' or 'into meditation' to get started with Yoga. All body types, shapes and abilities are welcome to my adult Yoga classes. I just ask that you inform me of any injuries or medical issues before taking a class with me. What is Yoga?

The word yoga comes from the sanskrit word 'yug' meaking to yoke. We therefore take yoga to mean the union of the mind, body and the breath. Yoga is a practical philosophy and includes a system of asanas, or postures, promoting physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The benefits of Yoga are not just physical - as the techniques for relaxation and breath control are mastered, Yoga will help control tension and calm the mind.

Sun Power Yoga is a Modern Contemporary School of Yoga.