Woking Yoga & Pilates

I've been a fitness instructor and personal trainer for over 20 years and have taught many disciplines - Boxercise, Spinning, Body Pump and Step. to name a few. I've seen many fads in the fitness industry - the "latest, greatest" workouts that are eventually discredited or lose popularity. And I've seen Pilates and Yoga endure throughout. Why? Because they work! In a results-orientated environment many thousands of people have seen for themselves the benefits of Pilates and Yoga.

I teach Pilates and Yoga from a fitness perspective - this means that I can combine the ancient wisdom of Yoga and the not-quite-so-ancient-but-quite-old principles of Pilates with modern, evidence based facts.

My classes have a friendly and easy going dynamic and are limited in numbers. I give lots of verbal and visual information but without too much hands on interference or strict alignment instruction, as I know this makes some people feel uncomfortable.