The Yoga Place

Since an early age Tim Foyster has dedicated his life to the study of yoga, meditation, Oriental healing & martial arts. Tim has been practising yoga for over 30 years and teaching Parivartana Yoga for 25 years. He holds teaching qualifications in three styles of yoga (Parivartana, Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa), and is a Senior Teacher of Parivartana Yoga. He has designed and taught specialist yoga programmes to meet the needs of various groups. Tim is a specialist in the subject of yoga postures as a means to open the life-energy channels, and uses this knowledge therapeutically with students.

He has also designed training courses for yoga teachers to be able to study this knowledge. Tim has taught in Greece, France, Spain, the USA, and throughout the UK at various Yoga centres. In 1999 he established The Yoga Place, Sherwood as a dedicated yoga centre. He is a Senior Teacher and certified practitioner of Ji Ap Sul (Korean acupressure massage therapy).