Sunrise Yoga

I'm the founder and owner of Sunrise Yoga. I'm passionate about yoga and health and wellness. I help you find the ease and freedom in movement, create a space for adults to learn about themselves, their bodies and use these tools to help with everyday stresses and strains of modern day life. I love all things that promote the health of the body and mind and I would describe myself as a health advocate. I am Plant-Powered and I hold workshops on maximising your health. My journey to becoming a personal coach, yoga teacher and nutrition consultant came about after I discovered that my son at 3 months old had an allergic reaction to dairy and he was also a dreadful sleeper. I started to look into the effects of dairy and I decided to cut it out of my diet completely which immediately made my son's vomiting, eczema and discomfort disappear. To start off with I did all of this for my son and then I started to notice the effects it was having on me.