Awaken Yoga Touch

Thank you for your interest in Awaken. I am currently back at university studying for a degree and will be unable to offer therapeutic massage, sports massage or yoga instruction for the foreseeable future, sorry for the inconvenience.

Awaken a deep awareness of your mind and body. Awaken your full potential in strength and flexibility. Awaken an improved lifestyle incorporating health and well-being. At Awaken you can experience the age-old practices of Ashtanga Yoga and therapeutic massage, known in the modern day to be the most effective remedies against stress, fatigue and pain. In yoga the discipline is synchronising breath and movement in light or intense postures, each level developed before proceeding to the next, resulting in a strong and balanced body and mind. With massage we tailor the manipulation of muscle and tissue further promoting relief and wellness. The benefits of each treatment are astounding, and in combination the potential is limitless.