My name is Irina (Ira) Shtern. I'm a mother of two amazing kids. I am also a Yoga Alliance accredited instructor based in Sutton. I teach private and open classes mainly around Sutton, Cheam, Belmont, Carshalton and Banstead. I have also been delivering an EPP (Expert Patients Programme) course at NHS Kingston Primary Care Trust for people who have different chronic health conditions. It was during my time studying economics and MBA that I started practicing yoga. I felt incredibly relaxed despite all the exams I needed to pass in the university, more healthy and happier during this period. As my passion for yoga grew steadily more intense, I gradually moved into teaching. Having studied various forms of yoga, I always design a course with a variety of styles and build the course specifically for the individual needs. It is important to remember that we all different and that we need to listen to our body, pay attention to our needs and exercise at our own pace.