I had to learn to go inside and not focus on the outside so much. I had to learn to let go, to surrender, to trust, to be compassionate and to be patient. This was a long and difficult process, but I have found a way back to my true self through strong commitment to the Yogic practices and teachings. I decided to leave my model and acting career behind and dedicated my life to the practice of yoga. I decided l wanted to become a teacher and tried out all the different yoga styles that are on the market today.

I lived in a Ashram for some time and immersed myself into the subject of yoga. Ultimately, l came to Iyengar yoga and decided that this method is the safest and most beneficial method for me. I was fascinated and trained with him to become a teacher. I am forever grateful for his teachings and his blessing to start the Iyengar Teacher training in the UK and l am proud to say that l am now a qualified Iyengar Teacher.