Yoga With Victoria James

I started practicing yoga 15 years ago, following the birth of my second child and problems with lower back pain. I was so impressed with how much better I felt after just one class and yoga soon became a part of my daily routine. After a few years I enjoyed yoga so much and wanted to be able to help others to share its benefits and so I decided that I would change career and study to become a yoga teacher. Following a period of study and supervision I qualified in 2004 with FRYOG (Friends of Yoga International).

I then began to teach classes locally before I moved to Sweden with my family. I lived there for 5 years and had the great opportunity to teach yoga to a wide range of students from all over the world. I moved back to England in 2010 and have been teaching again locally. I am now delighted to be able to offer my yoga classes to a new group of people and hope that they too can benefit from this amazing ancient way of life that has withstood the test of time.