Yoga With Ease & Grace

Every one practices with out pushing and forcing, being sensitive to their bodies. Equal parts effort and surrender. The effort is coming to class, the surrender is surrendering to your practice, entering the void, exploring the space within and out. Relaxing into the universe and being met by its embrace as you let life unfold and reveal itself. Feel energised in heart openers - eg: cobra pose [Bhujangasana] and more advanced upward facing dog [Urdhva Mukha Svanasana].

As your heart lifts, your collar bones spread, your pectoral muscles broaden and expand and you feel energised. Use your inhale to make the pose blossom. Active legs, stop dropping into the lower back. Toes press down, rotating inner thighs to the ceiling broadens the lower back, the flesh of the buttocks runs to the floor, decreasing arch and lenghtening the spine. Active legs and buttocks released, equals a spacious safe back.