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Teacher of Yoga, Pilates, Sorokin Method Back Care, Yoga Dance, Meditation, Relaxation, Personal & Spiritual Development.

Rose-Marie Sorokin is co-founder and director of Inner Light Yoga & Health Co (UK). She is originally from Sweden and came to the UK in 1986. Rose-Marie was involved with dance, choreography, and textile design for several years in Sweden and Europe before moving to England and was also the proprietor of two dance studios in Sweden in the 1980s. She also has a background in art, marketing and translation and worked as a translator, marketing executive, voice-over artist and presenter in the 1990s in England, Sweden and Germany.

On her arrival in London in 1986 she was immediately offered work as a freelance teacher of dance, aerobics, body conditioning and aqua aerobics at several top health clubs. She also worked as a personal trainer in Chelsea, Knightsbridge & Fulham in London for four years and had many famous and influential clients during that time.