Yoga In Balance

We both teach Hatha Yoga which is generally interpreted as the Yoga of (physical) action and is practised in most Western Yoga classes. The word Yoga originates from a Sanskrit word which may be translated as 'unite', 'join' or 'connect'. On one level this can mean the union of body, breath and mind. A typical class usually consists of a brief period of centring and relaxation at the beginning, followed by movements to warm the muscles and joints which prepare the body and mind for posture (asana) work.

Asanas (yoga postures) strengthen and tone the body, help to increase flexibility and improve the flow of energy throughout both body and mind. We teach simple breath awareness techniques which encourage deeper, slower breathing during your practice. This helps to increase your lung function and also trigger the body's relaxation response. To conclude our practice there is a period of relaxation which allows body and mind to experience a sense of ease and wellbeing.