Triyoga Soho

It was both the culmination, realisation and the beginning of, the principal founder, Jonathan Sattin's vision - to create the highest quality centre for true well-being, combining three key elements of yoga, Pilates + treatments.

On that day, free classes were offered to everyone; we were worried that no one would come but when we opened our doors there was a queue from our mews into the street (the next day was a little different!). The week before, we had watched as the newly painted logo streaked down the outside wall of triyoga Primrose Hill in the rain (the signwriter swore that it was the first time it had ever happened). We also saw that the ditch from Erskine Road, where the new gas main was preventing access for builders and deliveries, was still not filled. But nothing was going to stop us opening on February 19th 2000.