RM Yoga & Pilates

Needing some time out to restore and rejuvenate? Looking to learn about raw food, create better eating habits and and wondering how to incorporate them into your daily life? This day long yoga and nutrition retreat at the stunning Yoga Sp8ce studio, set in peaceful private woodland with a tranquil lake view, is the perfect way to boost your energy, unwind, get healthy and to devote some time to you and your health. First, we'll explore a dynamic, energising yoga flow created to open and strengthen the body and soothe the mind.

We'll then explore nutrition by creating our own healthy raw lunch. After we've eaten what we've created, you will be taken though an interactive and engaging talk on healthy eating habits and integrative health. You will come away with new health and food techniques to enhance your well-being. From here, we'll move into a blissful restorative yoga session where we'll take mellow supported stretches designed to free up long held blockages in the body, mind and breath.