Pantiles Yoga

Stretch and Flow Classes are based on classical asanas with influences from Ashtanga dynamic practice and will be pitched to challenge you so that you really feel you've done some work. Lunchtime Stretch Classes are tight one hour yoga session but without breaking into a sweat as you'll more than likely have something important to do in the afternoon. Pregnancy Yoga A space for you to explore your body and find comfort at each and every stage of your pregnancy. Learn to breathe well and to prepare for just the right labour for you and your baby.

Kids Yoga A space for children between 10 - 14 years old who are keen to explore Yoga and have made their own decision to start young. YAY! Young Adults Yoga Vibrant Vinyasa for Teen's between 14 - 18 years old who would like to stretch, strengthen and learn some all important life skills of self awareness, balance and relaxation. YAY! Classes are all taught by Lolly Patenall.