Mel Jensen Yoga

I have been practicing yoga for over six years, and it changed my life completely. Not only was my body stronger and more flexible, my concentration also improved and I was calmer and more patient than I had ever been before! Before I came to Yoga I had problematic shoulders and constant neck pain due to my job sitting hunched over a computer all day. I spend hundreds of pounds on physiotherapy which provided temporary relief, but yoga has taught me how to live within my body and now with regular practice I rarely have any pain. I decided to become a teacher in order to help others as my amazing teachers helped me. I am British Wheel of Yoga qualified Yoga Teacher, and I have also studied a number of different Yoga techniques in Thailand and Morrocco. I teach Hatha Yoga, which is the form of yoga most commonly practiced in the West, and is the only form of yoga that includes asana (postures).