I began to attend yoga classes 15 years ago and was fortunate to have had some very good teachers. Initially, yoga did not mean a great deal to me as I regarded it as little more than a form of exercise. Over the years I began to notice some improvements in my posture and more particularly, in my breathing. This spurred me on and I continued attend various workshops, where I expanded my interest in yoga.

Over time my own practice became regular and yoga became a way of life. When Diane suggested that I was ready to teach, and Sophy endorsed the idea, I felt proud and humbled in equal measure. My experience of teaching to date is encouraging. My classes are small which allows me to provide hands-on teaching, paying attention to all pupils, no matter how new or experienced they might be. There are numerous claims as to the benefits of yoga and we usually find out fairly quickly that most of these are true. I will only name the ones that I have personally experienced.