Hilary Totah Yoga

Hilary Totah is registered and insured as a yoga teacher with the Association of Independant Yoga Practitioners (AIYP). She has been practising and working with yoga since 1978 and was a shiatsu bodywork teacher from 1986 to 2004. She was principal of The British School of Shiatsu-Do between 1999 and 2004.

Hilary says: 'Yoga set me on my life's path to working with the body, from my first class of ante-natal yoga, through my study and teaching of shiatsu bodywork, to teaching yoga today. There have been many steps on the way and my passion for learning about the body through my own practice and study is undiminished.

Ten years ago I suffered a stroke and was left with restriction and weakness on one side of my body. It was a time when my yoga practice became of prime importance in my life and through working intensively with my body I have recovered to the point where I can move easily and I feel strong again. Yoga has been my healer, my teacher and my life.