Fitness Yoga With Emma

The benefits of Fitness Yoga are multiple, including not only mental benefits but also physical. If you suffer with a bad back, tight hips/hamstrings, fatigue or general motivation at exercise classes then yoga is for you. No need to sign up - pay as you go & see the benefits as you go. It's great for people who exercise regularly & need to look after their muscles, or people who are looking for an introduction to exercise. Work as hard as you chose. I am a qualified Yoga instructor with ETM certification from YMCA, CMA registration & full insurance.

I enjoy yoga as a personal hobby but also have a real passion for getting new people in to yoga, or people who no longer practice back into it. I feel everybody deserves to enjoy the benefits it brings. If you have any questions or would like any details please feel free to contact me using the number below. If you would be interested in joining me in a group class then feel free to come and join us.