Bikram Yoga Brighton

Bikram Yoga Brighton offers hot yoga taught in Bikram style, using 26 Hatha yoga postures in 50% humidity. Bikram yoga is great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Bikram Yoga Brighton also offers Youth/Childrens' Yoga and Rajashree's Pregnancy Yoga. Bring your yoga mat, towel and water and get fit sweating! Hot Bikram Yoga Brighton, what a Yogahaven, where you can practice dynamic yoga in a real hot yoga class in 50% humidity. The heat allows you to sweat through the largest organ of your body: your skin. What a great way to detox. Get fit from the inside out. Do not be afraid of the heat; it is well known for boosting your immunity. Yoga Brighton has never been so hot. Hot Yoga Classes Brighton is yoga Bikram style, offering 26 Hatha dynamic yoga postures, as a beginners yoga. Bikram Yoga Teachers Brighton have all been certified by Bikram himself. Great for beginners yoga and advanced practitioners.