Are you looking for a mindful movement meditation that also gives you a workout? Try Vinyasa Flow. Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic version of Hatha yoga set to cool, relaxing music, offering everybody a playful and joyful way into the practice. Connecting the breath with the movement we create a mindful flow from one posture into the next, working on building strength, flexibility, balance and postural alignment.

Heike is practicing yoga for over 10 years, experimenting with a variety of styles. Heike feels very strongly about passing on what she has received through her yoga practice to anybody, especially people new to yoga.

She trained to become a yoga teacher with Brian Cooper, founder and director of Union Yoga Training, Edinburgh and author of "The Art of Adjusting". Since she has also trained with Claire Missingham and Mark Freeth and Anna Robertshaw-Freeth from Freestyle Yoga Project and many others.